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Ottawa Core 2015 and Ottawa 2018

Ottawa Industrial Parks and Kanata Business Park


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I am looking for a photo of and (optional) and (optional)
With the exception of PKWY (ex Aviation PKWY), HWY (ex HWY 416) and County roads (ex CTY RD) please do not use Rd, Cres, Ave or any variation. Most of the key words that can be used can be found in the drop down menu below.
at an altitude
below 5000 feet
above 5000 feet
in the province of Ontario Quebec Ontario or Quebec  
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(optional) Instead of typing the names above you may select up to three locations from below. Hold the [CTRL] key down to make more than one selection.




If you know the negative number:

1. You may type up to 3 street names, landmarks or geographic areas in the spaces above.

2. You may also select up to 3 street names, landmarks or geographic areas in the 3 menus above. Hold down the control key (Ctrl) to select more than one. To unselect hold down the control key (Ctrl) and click on the name you wish to remove. You may choose from a combination of one two or all three menus at the same time. Selected locations will be highlighted.

3. You may also type in 1or 2 locations and use the menus to select the others. Any combination of up to 3 is allowed.
4. For cities or towns other than Ottawa, type or select the name of the city or town.
5. Select the number of images you wish to show per index page and wheither you wish to see the newest or the oldest first.
6. If you know the negative number you may enter it in the negative number area. You may use only part of the negative number. A search for 0J1 will give you everything starting with 0J1. Searching for 0J1_0A will give you everything on the roll 0J1_0A.
7. The year and the month the image was photographed can be determined by the first two characters in the negative number. The first digit is the year. 0->2000, 1->2001, 2->2002. The second character is the month. A->January, B->February, C->March, D->April, E->May, F->June, G->July, H->August, I->September, J->October, K->November, L->December
8. Press Reset form to clear the form and to start again.
9. When finished entering your search press submit form.
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